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Founders.ai is an Ultimate Startup Platform

Get Funding

We invest in pre-seed and seed startups who transform Enterprise with AI and data.

Be a Founder

We assemble teams of the best entrepreneurs and hackers to transform proven business ideas into world-class b2b SaaS products.

Get Liquidity

We buy secondary shares from the early employees of VC-backed tech startups.

Why us?

We're not just investors,
we're co-founders

based in silicon valley

We have built products for the Enterprise since 2015

founders.ai was founded in 2020 by Michael Rumiantsau, co-founder of FriendlyData (acquired by ServiceNow) and a core contributor to popular open-source projects.

  • Industry Expertise

  • Quick Decision

  • Network in Silicon Valley

  • Access to Offshore Talent

why founders choose us

Founders First

I believe that Founders.ai is a perfect match for technical founders – we were able to get needed business expertise.

Alex Korotkov

ceo at makeml

We would not have gotten to where we are today without Founders.ai. The support and connections have been incredible!

Max Leonovich

ceo at onebar
Be a co-founder

Join our teams!

We’re always building something and looking for talented people with exciting new ideas and diverse backgrounds.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does founders.ai do?

We build companies from scratch, make venture investments and buy shares on a secondary market.

What makes founders.ai different?

We feel your pain. We’ve seen what it takes to start a company, raise money and sell it in Silicon Valley while being immigrants and first time founders.

What's founders.ai's investing focus?

We invest primarily in pre-seed and seed rounds (often as a first check), and make select Early Stage investments (as followers).

What does founders.ai look for in founders?

From our experience, the best founders are learning fast, working hard and they never give up.


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